Welcome to Steneby Open House – online feb, 5’th

Steneby – A creative center for education in arts, crafts and design in a unique study environment.

Welcome to our annual Open House – but this year it will be a little different

We hope you can take the time and visit us online. The information from teachers will be via zoom, see schedule. We also invite you to a webinar with school leaders from Stenebyskolan and HDK Valand Steneby. Also take the opportunity to watch our live broadcasts directly from our workshops. If you have questions, we answer them via chat, phone or email. You can also take the opportunity to ask questions on the teachers’ information meetings. All links will be posted on our website. See the program below.

Program HDK-Valand Steneby

10.00 and 13.00 Zoom meeting with HDK Valand Steneby.

Information about bachelor’s and master’s programs, Select your area of interest and get the link to the zoom meeting you want to visit.

Bachelor Program Textile-Body-Room

Program manager Maria Sjöstrand and assistant professor Matilda Dominique talk about the bachelor’s program at HDK Valand Steneby.. Information in Swedish.
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Bachelor Program Furniture design specialization Wood

Professor Torsten Hild informs about the bachelor program, the meeting is in English.
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Bachelor Program Metal Art

Proffessor Heiner Zimmermann och Tobias Birgersson informerar om kandidatprogrammet, presentationen sker på engelska 

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Master's Program Applied Art and Design

University lecturer Jeff Kaller informs about the master’s program at HDK Valand Steneby.

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Program Stenebyskolan

10.30 & 13.30 Zoom meeting with Stenebyskolan

Information about Stenebyskolan’s art and culture education and Polytechnic educations

Art and culture education, specialization Textile

Teacher at Stenebyskolan’s textile specializations; Clothing, Clothing & Accessories and Textiles; Art & Design, tells about the different specializations.

Art and culture education specializing in Wood Crafts & Furniture Carpentry

Teachers at Stenebyskolan’s specialization Wood Crafts & Furniture Carpenters talk about the education.
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Art and culture education Objects & Jewelery Art

Teacher Pär Gustavsson talks about this specialization. Use the link below to participate.


11.00 and 14.00 Art and cult education specialization Form & Design and Specialization year.

Teachers at Stenebyskolan’s drawings Form & Design and Specialization year tells us about the education


11.00 & 14.00 Polytechnic educations

Teachers at the polytechnic educations Fine carpentry / Furniture restaurateur and Upholsterer inform about the various educations.
Use the link below and attend the meeting

Kl 11 – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85393761742


Kl 14 – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88184283926


Webbinarie Stenebyskolan & HDK Valand Steneby

Kl 12.00 Webinar with leaders from Stenebyskolan and HDK Valand

Johanna Djurberg, Dag Bjaaland and Otto Samuelsson, talks about the different educations that are available at Steneby and where they can lead you in the future.

Use the zoom link and hear what they have to say

Stenebyskolan Art and culture education

Arts, Crafts, Design – college preparatory education has seven different specializations that can be combined into a two-year education. Here you get the opportunity to supplement and develop the knowledge you need to enter colleges and universities in design, arts and crafts, all over the world.
Stenebyskolan has a very good reputation and up to 80% of our students are admitted to further studies at colleges and universities.

Read more about the specializations. Application deadline April 15.

Stenebyskolan Polytechnic educations

Our Polytechnic educations are conducted in a company-like form with sharp assignments for private individuals, companies and public institutions.
You learn the chain from planning, manufacturing, production, restoration and upholstery, depending on what education you attend.
The education leads to a job, your own company or further studies. All students have access to their own workplaces and work side by side with many projects simultaneously in
the workshops. In some larger projects, several students collaborate and you naturally learn from each other.
Read more about the specializations, application deadline 15 April

HDK Valand Steneby

HDK Valand Steneby, University of Gothenburg is an international cultural and educational environment in Dals Långed, 170 km north of Gothenburg. HDK-Valand has bachelor’s and master’s programs in metal design, furniture design focusing on wood and Textile-Body-Room at Steneby.

The buttons below take you directly to information about the educations and how to apply.


Film Gallery Stenebyskolan

Film Gallery HDK Valand Steneby

Live from Steneby

See and hear students tell about why they have ended up in Steneby and where their roads lead after their studies.

There are reports from each education, they are in a sequence


At Steneby, there is everything you need to make student life as good as possible. Boarding school, restaurant, library, art gallery and much more.

Steneby Library

Steneby’s library and Dals Långed’s public library is a unique library with access to both the university’s literature in art, crafts and design as well as the public library’s wide range of novels and non-fiction books, etc. As a student, you have access to the library around the clock. There is also a shop with artist materials.


Steneby’s restaurant offers both breakfast and lunch on weekdays.
Breakfast and lunch are included in the price when staying at Steneby’s boarding school.

For every lunch there is a vegetarian alternative and a salad buffet. The kitchen works environmentally consciously and strives to use local ingredients and locally produced meat.

Boarding School

At Steneby there are 40 rooms for boarding accommodation. The rent includes breakfast, lunch and cleaning of common areas. Our boarding houses are both international and national students.

Art Gallery

An exciting mix of art and crafts is displayed in Steneby Art Gallery. Three different organizations arrange exhibitions, which means that the exhibition year contains both local and international perspectives.

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